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Assessment Committee Meeting

April 11, 2017, 2:00 pm, EDU 213

Minutes (Unapproved)

Assessment Committee Members

(✔ indicates member present)

✔ Mike Dougherty, Chair (17)

✔ Cathy Baker

Amy Barnett (15)

✔ Cindy Dougherty

Judy Haught

✔ Chad Kinder (16)

✔ Jan Kliewer

Kelley Logan

Jess Parker (16)

✔ Sarah Ramsey (18)

✔ Karen Sweeney (18)

Denis Trubitsyn (18)

✔ Monica Varner, Ex-Officio

Wendy Yoder, Ex-Officio


General Education Committee Members

Yu-Ling Chen (19)

✔ Elaine Davies

✔ Trevor Ellis (17)

✔ Ed Klein (18)

✔ Holly McKee (18)

✔ Bo Pagliasotti (17)

✔ Les Ramos (17)

✔ James South, Ex-Officio

✔ Bill Swartwood (18)

  1. Assessment Committee Chair
    1. Course/Instructor Evaluations via Canvas/EvaluationKit
      1. Post-tenure review issue has been discussed in other meetings.
        1. Policy states that student evaluations of all courses taught during any two semesters since the last evaluation should be requested. The candidate may choose which semester’s evaluation report will be utilized for each course.
      2. Students in remedial courses who have stopped coming to class will unfortunately still have access to completing the evaluation. However, it is questionable as to what student might actually complete it if they are not engaged in class participation. Dr. Varner suggested that changes in policy should be addressed in Faculty Senate.
        1. For example, data from remedial courses could be separated from data from other courses accompanied by a narrative.
  2. Continuous Improvement
    1. Dr. Varner shared her research and presentation/report from the Gen. Ed. Faculty Survey.
    2. Jan Kliewer introduced the Gen. Ed. Template.
    3. Jan Kliewer shared results from the ETS Proficiency Profile. The scores of Spring 2017 seniors are higher than the scores of Fall 2016 freshmen.
    4. NSSE results, tabled until next meeting.
    5. Dr. Varner introduced a Joint Committee Continuous Improvement Plan (2017-2020). She provided a sample that may be adopted and suggested the development of a task force that should review and finalize the plan for use. Jan Kliewer will contact both committees in order to proceed.
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