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Assessment Committee Meeting

October 30, 2017, 3 p.m.

PCR Minutes (Unapproved)

✓  Amy Barnett, Associate Professor of Psychology, Assessment Committee Chair

✓  Cathy Baker, Director of Counseling &Assessment of College of Associate and Applied Programs

✓  Cindy Dougherty, Dean of Students & Director of Student Activities

✓  Jan Kliewer, Director of Assessment

✓  Kelley Logan, Chair & Professor of Language & Literature

✓  David Martyn, Associate Professor, Chemistry & Physics

✓  Tom McNamara, Chair & Associate Professor of Mathematics

✓  Anne Pate, Assistant Professor of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences

Sarah Ramsey, Assessment Coordinator of Pharmacy

✓  Karen Sweeney, Assistant Professor of Business & Computer Science

✓  Sheana Thompson, Instructor of College of Associate and Applied Programs

✓  Veronica McGowan, Teaching & Learning Coordinator of Center for Excellence in Teaching &

Learning, Assessment Committee Ex-Officio

✓  Monica Varner, Associate Provost, Assessment Committee Ex-Officio

Wendy Yoder, Coordinator of Academic Advising & Retention Management Counseling, Assessment Committee Ex-Officio

Student: Austin Loomis 

Student: Caylie Patton

✓  Diane Fitzsimmons, Institutional Effectiveness Specialist of Institutional Research, Guest

  1. Amy Barnett opened the meeting and everyone introduced themselves. Amy Barnett introduced the Agenda.
  1. Monica Varner and Diane Fitzsimmons introduced and explained data tables for HLC Criterion 4C and federal compliance:

    1. Degree Completion Outcomes for 2016-2017

    2. Institutional Retention for Fall 2017

    3. Degree Outcomes by Program for 2016-2017

    4. Retention by Degree Program for 2016-2017

  2. MonicaVarnerledintroductorydiscussionregardingPeerReviewProcessforassessmentutilizing:

    1. Degree Programs/Options, new template

    2. Program Course, new template

    3. Gen. Ed. Course, new template

    4. Institutional Effectiveness, new template

    5. Graduate Exit Survey, new template

    6. NSSE/FSSE

    7. Student Satisfaction Inventory

    8. ETS Proficiency Profile

  3. MonicaVarnerleddiscussiononutilizingassessmentreportingforthepurposeofContinuous Improvement utilizing the new Annual Continuous Improvement Plan.

  4. The next meeting is scheduled for November 27, 2017 at 3 p.m. 


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