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Student Account Payments

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Student accounts balances are due in full the day before classes start each semester. The Bursar's Office will not send a paper bill. Students can access their account balance on Self-Service at any time. Be sure to pay your account balance before penalties ensue.

Fall 2019 Late Payment Dates:

September 6
October 4
November 1

Students who do not pay their balance in full are subject to late penalties. Late penalties are 5 percent of the remaining balance when the late fee is applied.

How to Make Payments

  1. ACH payments on Self-Service
  2. Credit Card payments on Self-Service
    There will be a non-refundable 2.85 percent service fee added
  3. Cash, check or money order in the Bursar Office, Hays Administration Building, Room 109
  4. Mail a check or money order to: SWOSU, Bursar, 100 Campus Drive, Weatherford, OK, 73096

Payment Plans

In efforts to assist our enrolled students in meeting financial obligations, SWOSU offers a semester based payment option plan as an alternative to the traditional lump-sum payment method. This plan provides an opportunity for families and enrolled students to pay University-billed expenses in regular monthly payments. No finance charges are associated with the payment option plan or enrollment holds if payments are made as promised. 

Various payment plan option are available to meet your payment needs. Account balances will need to be paid in full by the end of the semester to prevent delays in enrollment.

Authorized users (parents/guardians) may be designated with their own login access when the student signs up for the plan.

Please remember you still receive monthly billing statement email notifications while on the Payment Plan for informational purposes.

There is a $25 non-refundable application fee due at the time of sign-up each semester. Students must sign up for a new plan each semester.

The student logs into Self-Service to enroll in the plan and may also add authorized users to make payments.

Drop Deadlines

Students deciding to make schedule changes or withdrawal from SWOSU must observe the published deadlines. Any students dropping prior to the deadline will not be charged tuition and fees for the course. However, students will be responsible for the total tuition and fee charge if a drop or withdrawal are requested after the published deadline.

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Official withdrawals can only be processed through the Registrar’s Office. Students must contact the Registrar’s Office in person, through their SWOSU e-mail, or a handwritten, signed statement, sent from a personal e-mail.

100% refund deadline for 2019
Course Type Deadline 100% Refund for Fall 2019
16-week courses Within the first 10 class days Before August 30
1st 8-week courses Within the first 5 class days Before August 23
2nd 8-week course Within the first 5 class days Before October 22
Interim/Seminar courses Before the course starts


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