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  • Click your name in the upper right hand corner. Then click "Edit Settings" on the right.
  • Change your "Display Name" to what you prefer to go by. Please use a proper first and last name, as this is the name I will see in your correspondence and electronic submissions.
  • Set one or more e-mail addresses and other contact methods for receiving course notifications.
  • In the same profile area, click "Notification" on the left. I recommend reading through these and editing them carefully. In general, I recommend turning most of these off; otherwise your inbox will get a lot of notifications for things you probably don't want.
  • Read the Syllabus carefully.
  • Finally, explore Canvas and get to know the system. Familiarize yourself with the Calendar and make note of all deadline dates for assignments. See the following video tutorials for more information:
  1. Update Your Profile
  2. Update Your Notification
  3. Preferences
  4. Keep Track of Your Assignments
  5. Search Canvas Guides
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The Focus Is You