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How do I schedule an event in the Fine Arts Center?

You must file an application with the Fine Arts Center Director.

  1. Applications can be picked up from the Fine Arts Center Office (FAC #3) or download the Fine Arts Center Application (Microsoft® Word Document) from the Fine Arts Center website.
  2. Contact the Fine Arts Center Office via mail, phone, fax, or e-mail and an application will be forwarded at no cost.

    Fine Arts Center
    100 Campus Drive
    Weatherford, OK 73096
    Phone: 580.774.3705
    Fax: 580.774.3075

What does it cost to rent the Fine Arts Center for an event?

  • $600 per day
  • $7.25 per hour for any and all labor required for setting up, running, and striking the event
  • $25 per hour for campus security - for non-SWOSU events.

Where can I find technical information about the Fine Arts Center?

The Fine Arts Center is capable of supporting most productions. A copy of the Ground Plan, the Seating Chart, and the Side Section may be downloaded (All files are in AutoCAD 2000 format). Specific technical questions should be directed to the Fine Arts Center Director.

Where can I buy a ticket for a performance in the Fine Arts Center?

For ticket information, contact the Fine Arts Center Director at 580.774.3705 or finearts@swosu.edu

What organization sponsors the national touring groups in the Fine Arts Center?

The Panorama Committee sponsors most of the national touring groups seen on stage in the Fine Arts Center.

When is event scheduling open to the public?

University sponsored departments have first choice on date selection each academic year (August 1 - September 15). Applications from the general public are accepted each academic year after September 15th.

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