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Blue Cross Blue Shield Important Information

Card Reminders

  • One card for health and pharmacy
  • Dental is a separate card if it was elected as a payroll deduction
  • Dependent names will not appear on the members’ card however, if covering dependents TWO cards should have been received
  • Additional cards can be ordered

Plan Reminders – High Option – In BCBS Nationwide Network

  • $500.00 deductible per person (up to 3 family members) per calendar year
  • 25.00 co-pay at doctor visits
  • 80/20 after deductible is met
  • $2800.00 out of pocket (includes the $500.00), met plan pays 100% of the allowable

Basic Option – in BCBS Nationwide Network

  • Plan pays first $500.00 of allowable charges – no deductible
  • Member pays next $500.00 of allowable charges
  • 50/50 after both amounts are paid out
  • $5500.00 out of pocket (includes members $500.00), met plan pays 100% of the allowable

Pharmacy Reminders

  • $25.00 co-pay or the price of the drug if less
  • Generic & Preferred  prescription mandated
  • Prescriptions greater than $100 retail member pays 25% up to a $50.00 max
  • Non-Preferred prescriptions member pays 50% up to a $100.00 max
  • Greater of 34 day or 100 units for one co-pay
  • New formulary, members may check the prescription cost at www.bcbsok.com/okheei under 'Coverage' then "Pharmacy Benefits"

Vision Service Plan – VSP/Choice 

  • No card is issued for the vision plan, member gives plan name when makingappointment
  • VSP/Choice is not a Blue Cross Blue Shield product and your health card should not be presented when making appointment for a vision check up
  • $10.00 co-pay for check-up, $25.00 co-pay for frame/lenses every calendar year
  • 20-25% savings lens enhancements

Web Sites

  • Health & Dental plan information and providers - www.bcbsok.com/okheei
  • Vision Service Plan (VSP) Choice – www.vsp.com/choice 
  • BCBS Customer Service – 1-800-672-2567 (medical)
  • BCBS Customer Service – 1-888-381-9727 (dental)
  • Group Name – OKHEEI (Oklahoma Higher Education Employee Group Insurance) Group # 600600 – Members card shows personal ID #
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