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Qualified Tuition Reduction Program

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Program Guidelines and Procedures

Application Deadline:

The application is to be received prior to the start of the semester by the Human Resources Office. This application will remain valid for one calendar year. Applicants not applying for the Spring semester should submit their completed applications at least ten days prior to the beginning of the term that the applicant plans to attend.


The applicant must be a child of a full-time employee of SWOSU, a child of a vested retiree of SWOSU, a full-time employee’s spouse who is not a full-time employee or retiree of SWOSU, or the child or spouse of an employee who has died or has a Social Security qualified disability received while in the service of SWOSU. An employee must have been hired prior to the beginning of a term for an applicant to receive a waiver for that term. (Vested means vested in the Oklahoma Teachers’ Retirement System.)

  1. A child, stepchild, or legal ward of an employee qualifies for this tuition waiver if they meet the IRS qualifications www.irs.gov and are claimed as a dependent for income tax purposes.
  2. The employee’s signature on the waiver application certifies that the applicant qualifies as a dependent as outlined above and qualifies for this non-taxable benefit per the IRS code requirements.
  3. The applicant must be a qualified resident of Oklahoma as defined by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education.
  4. The waiver is for undergraduate level course work only (does not currently include the last two years of course work for pharmacy professional students).
  5. The waiver is for undergraduate level tuition only and does not include any fees or taxes.
  6. The waiver, if granted, does not apply to class auditing, workshops, non-credit courses or adult education.
  7. The waiver will be limited to 12 hours of undergraduate course work per term.


Waivers for future semesters will depend on the circumstances at the time of granting such future waivers.

  1. The waiver program may be terminated at the discretion of the University at anytime.
  2. A student must meet the retention standards as outlined in the University Catalogs.
  3. A student cannot receive a waiver while on academic suspension.
  4. A student cannot receive a waiver while on academic notice or academic probation unless a written appeal has been submitted to and approved by the Appeal Committee.
  5. A student cannot receive a waiver while on student conduct probation.
  6. If an individual terminates employment, the tuition reduction benefit will cease at the end of the semester in which employment was severed.

Financial Aid Coordination:

The waiver program will be integrated with any other financial aid received from or through SWOSU. Multiple awards may be granted, but in no case shall waivers generate a cash refund or credit to be applied to other charges or fees. Total aid cannot exceed estimated cost of attendance.

Student Appeals:

The student may appeal to the Qualified Tuition Reduction Program Appeals Committee for reconsideration of a denied waiver. The decision of the appeals committee is final. Send appeals to the Director of Human Resources addressed to:

Appeals Committee – Qualified Tuition Reduction Program
Human Resources
Administration Room 103

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