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Healthcare Insurance Required

DoctorHealthcare in the USA is expensive. This expense is managed by most people through purchasing healthcare insurance. All students at SWOSU with a student visa are required by the university to have health insurance and will be enrolled in a program selected by the university. The cost will be automatically applied to a student’s university student account one time each semester.

The cost is $76.40 each month and charges will be $382 for the fall 2016 semester, $305.60 for the spring 2017 semester. If enrolled the 2017 summer cost will be 229.20.

The only students for whom this requirement will be waived are those who already receive insurance coverage through a scholarship program. Students are required to submit a copy of their insurance card to the International Student Affairs office in order to receive this waiver.

After a student is enrolled in this program she/he will receive a welcome email and an emailed insurance card from the insurance company, International Student insurance.

International Student Insurance

You can be sure you have coverage after receiving this email. In most cases this email will be sent to the student’s SWOSU email address. As soon as the email is received a student should print the card and carry it with them at all times.

Students are encouraged to visit this website and learn as much as possible about the plan and what it pays for and what it does not. Be sure to watch the informational videos posted on the website.

Healthcare Insurance in the USA does not pay 100%. There is always a portion paid by the individual for their care. Also, this insurance coverage will not pay for routine dental work or eye care.

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