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E-mail Information

Southwestern Oklahoma State University now offers campus-wide e-mail and departmental calendaring services. These services are designed to seamlessly meet the needs of the entire university using Outlook 2003, a part of Microsoft’s Office XP suite.

Microsoft Exchange is the e-mail server software that actually stores your mailbox, public folders, contacts, and calendar.

Outlook is Microsoft's main Exchange client (program) and the software runs on your office computer. It provides the most complete Exchange experience and environment because it can talk directly to the Exchange server and was designed to take advantage of all of the available features. It provides e-mail, calendaring, a to-do list, and many other features, all integrated into an easy-to-use environment.

Outlook is accessed by clicking the Microsoft Office Outlook icon (yellow letter/clock) located on your desktop or Launch bar and should be used when accessing e-mail from your office.

Exchange e-mail provides a similar experience to the full Outlook client. However, instead of running a program on your computer. Exchange is accessed through a Web browser and is accessible from any computer that has Internet connection (work, home, etc.). To access Exchange, simply enter https://www.swosu.edu into your browser's address box or click on "GoSWOSU" off of the Southwestern Oklahoma State University homepage (www.swosu.edu).

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