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FAQs for Outlook

I have received an e-mail that requests I enter my personal information to update their records. Is that a legitimate e-mail? If not, what should I do?

This tactic is known as “phishing”, and it is not legitimate. Do not follow any of the instructions on the e-mail. Review the steps below, and then delete the item from your inbox.

  1. Change all your account passwords immediately
  2. Watch all your financial information such as bank statements, credit card statement and your credit report for fraudulent activities.
  3. If your email has been compromised you will need to check all your settings to make sure that the signature has not been replaced, your "reply to" has not changed and delete any email rules which have been created (most common one is to immediately delete all sent items)

I have e-mails that are delivered to the Junk Email folder, that are not junk e-mail. How do I set these e-mails to be delivered to the Inbox?

Right click once on the item (not opened) and select Junk E-mail. Choose Add Sender to Safe Senders List.

How do I use the Check Name feature to auto complete recipient names?

Enter the first part or the entire e-mail address and select the check name icon to look for a matching e-mail address. This will look in the Global Address List and your personal contacts folder.

My e-mail contains an attachment. How do I open it?

Most attachments can be opened by double-clicking the file name. If not, try right-clicking on the attachment and select Open. If that still does not work, you can save the file to your hard drive and then open it. To save the attachment to your hard drive, right-click on the attachment and select Save as and designate the location for the file to be saved.

I want to forward an e-mail I received to a distribution list in my Contacts folder. If I use the Find Names dialog box to search for the distribution list, it cannot be found?

You cannot use Find Names to search for distribution lists in your Contacts folder. Instead, type a portion of the distribution list name and click the Check Names icon or type the full distribution list name.

How do I delete an entry from a Distribution List?

  • Click the Contacts button.
  • Double-click on the Distribution List.
  • Click once to highlight the entry that you wish to remove.
  • Click the Remove button.
    • Note: If you press the Delete key, all of the entries will be deleted. Pressing Remove will only remove the highlighted entry.
  • Click Save and Close.

How do I check the size of my mailbox folder?

  • From the menu on the top click on Tools
  • Click on Mailbox Cleanup
  • Click the View Mailbox Size button.
  • The total size with subfolders is the actual size of your mailbox.
    • Note: To preserve server space, ITS requests a folder size of fewer than 70 MB.

Can I recover an item I deleted, even after I have emptied my Deleted Items folder?

Yes, it is possible to recover deleted items, if it has been less than seven days since you emptied the Deleted Items folder. Follow these steps to determine if you can still recover the item:

  • Click once to highlight the Deleted Items folder.
  • Click Tools.
  • Select Recover Deleted Items.
  • Click to highlight the message from the list.
  • Click the Recover Selected Items button.

Note: The e-mail will be restored to the folder it was in at the time of deletion. Also, this process may take a little time, so be patient.

How do I move mail off of the server?

A: The Personal Folder is an area where you move your e-mail items off the server and onto your hard drive. Folders can be created under the Personal Folders for organizing your e-mail. Please note any mail you move off will not be available from off campus. Hint: You may want to create an identical directory structure under the personal folders as you have on the server. This will keep everything organized the same.

To setup folders expand the Personal Folders (click on it)

  1. Select the Personal Folder and right click
  2. Select New Folder
  3. Type in a name for the folder

Items can be moved into any folder by dragging and dropping it into the desired location. You can move mail individually or selecting a group of message.

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