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FAQs for Webmail

Feature Differences Between Premium and Standard Versions of OWA

Feature Description Premium Version Standard Version
E-mail, Calendar, and Task lists E-mail, Calendar, and Task lists available Yes Yes
User interface updates New color scheme, reorganized toolbars Yes Yes
Item Window sizing   Yes  
Two-line mail view View orients the message list vertically instead of horizontally Yes  
Preview Pane The Preview pane appears to the right of the message; attachments can be opened directly in the pane. Yes  
Items per page Users can determine how many items appear per screen in the e-mail, contact, and tasks views. Yes Yes
Navigator Pane A full folder tree. The user can customize the width of the pane. Yes  
Notifications New e-mail and reminder notifications are shown in the navigation pane. Yes  
Public folders Public folders are shown in a new window. Yes  
Spell Checker Spell checker is provided for e-mail messages. Yes  
Contacts in the Find Names Dialog box Users can search the main contacts folder in the Find Names dialog box. Yes  
Automatic Signature Create and automatically attach e-mail messages. Yes Yes
Rules Users can create and manage server-based e-mail handling rules. Yes  
Personal Tasks Users can create and manage personal tasks, and receive reminders for these tasks. Yes Yes: but no reminders
Right-click functionality Ability to right-click on items for additional settings. Yes  
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