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How to Burn a CD

On your Desktop:

  • Press Start
  • Select All Programs
  • Select Roxio Easy CD Creator 5
  • Select Applications
  • Click on Easy CD Creator

In the Roxio application:

  • The Untitled Data CD Project window should open.
    • If the window is named “Untitled Data CD Project”:
      • Click on File
      • Select New CD Project
      • Select Data CD
      • Select the source files.
      • Change the number to a CD name.
How to Burn a CD
  • Locate the files to be copied to the CD by clicking the down arrow in the Select Source Files field.
  • Once the files have been located, select and drag them to the bottom window which houses the CD information.
  • The CD can be renamed by highlighting the number that displays in the Data Project field and pressing the right mouse button then choose Rename.
  • When all files have been added, select the Record button.
  • When the CD is finished recording, a message, “Recording Finished,” will display and the record status will show 100%.
  • Click OK
  • If a message displays asking if you want to save the CD settings, select No. (Not bad if you do, it’s only saving the setup of this session.)
  • If the auto player automatically appears, take a little time to scroll through the CD to ensure all of the files copies. To ensure it functions properly, double-click a file to access it.
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