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How to Save Document Into a Shared Folder on Your Web Site

To save documents in your shared folder so that others can view them, requires you to drag documents from your computer into the Shared folder, via Internet Explorer.

First, open the shared folder, in Internet Explorer:

  • Click File
  • Select Open

In the Open window:

  • Enter the following as the Web address to open:
    • https://secure.swosu.edu/Faculty/firstname.lastname
    • Enter your name in place of firstname.lastname
    • Example: https://secure.swosu.edu/Faculty/john.doe
  • Click the Open as a web folder check box
  • Click OK

Open as Web Folder

In the Connect to secure.swosu.edu window:

  • Type your full e-mail address in the User name field
    • For example, john.doe@swosu.edu
  • In the Password field, type either your password for Web mail or your network log-in password (if you are on Active Directory.)
    • For security reasons, ITS recommends that you do not check the “Remember my password” checkbox. This allows your password to be automatically filled in by Windows, whenever your user name is entered into the User name field.
  • Press OK

Connect Secure

After logging into the shared server, you should see the contents of your Web directory.

  • If you do not have a Web page online, then you will see a “Share” folder displayed.
  • If you do have a Web page online, then type share after the last backslash in the Address field.

Share Folder

After opening your Share folder, you are ready to drag the items you want to share into the folder.

In Windows Explorer:

  • Locate the items you would like others to have access to in your shared directory.
    • These items can be saved on your hard drive, a CD, or floppy disk.
  • Click once on the item with the left mouse button and drag it into the share directory.
  • Release the left mouse button when you are finished.
    • If the move is being completed, you will see a faint outline of the file as you move it into the Share Directory.
    • If the move is not successful, you will see a circle with an line through it, indicating the move is not being allowed.

Move Image

After you are finished, others can view the content of your share folder by entering the following into the Address Field in Internet Explorer.

  • http://faculty.swosu.edu/firstname.lastname
    • Again, remember to replace firstname.lastname with the your name.
  • Users can choose to Save or Open the document directly from this Web site.
    • It’s a good idea to Save the document, then open for editing, if needed.

Moved Image

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