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General Information

Southwestern Oklahoma State University has many labs available to students in various locations on campus. There are labs located in 10 different buildings: the Stafford, Art, Education, Campbell, Chemistry/Pharmacy/Physics, Library, Science, Music, Stewart and Technology Buildings. Some labs are to be used in an instructional atmosphere exclusively, while others are available to students for homework when not being used for instructional purposes.

All labs and the library have Microsoft® Office, Internet access, and printing capabilities for writing papers and doing research. Some labs have software which is specific for the students in their respective majors.

The basement of the library also hosts a writing lab, which is staffed by those from the Language Arts Department. This is a place for students to go in order to have help with writing their papers. Hours are determined by the Language Arts Department.

The main computer lab located in Stafford 128 is the only lab that is open exclusively for students. This lab cannot be reserved for instructional purposes. This lab will have most of the programs that are needed for the classes which are taken by the students. This lab is also staffed with a lab assistant during all hours the lab is open. The other labs usually do not staff a lab assistant.

To reserve to teach in any of the labs, please contact Misty Zink at 580.774.3037. Each of the labs is configured with a station for the instructor’s computer which is hooked up to a projector. To find out if the software needed is loaded in the available lab, please check the software list.

Most labs contain a special desk which is wheelchair accessible or can be raised to a standing position. For any other special need, please contact the Dean of Students at 580.774.3767.

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