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Lab Locations and Policies

Stafford 126


These rooms are designed to be available for instructional use, but may be available for general student use when necessary.


  1. No food or drinks are allowed.
  2. Students are only allowed in the rooms with an instructor’s supervision.
  3. All computers and projectors must be turned off when the last instructor is finished teaching.


Only for instructional use. Reservations can be made with Misty Zink at 774-3037.

Equipment :

  • 1 – 2430n Laserjet Printer
  • 1 – Instructor’s Station
  • 20 – Student Stations in STF 126
  • PC computers
    • Processor – Dual Processors -3.2G
    • Memory – 1G
    • Hard Drive – 160G
    • CDRW
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