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Long Distance

Student long-distance services include contract long distance with ECCI (Education Communications Consortia, Inc.), providing a competitive student long distance rate currently at $0.10 per minute. Contracted long-distance service is optional per each student.

Please see Residence Life about sign up.

Each student is assigned a personal and confidential PIN (personal identification number) code to use when placing long distance calls. These calls should be placed from the student's extension only.

Use of this code signifies the student's agreement to abide by the policies and procedures outlined by ECCI. SWOSU students are responsible for their own authorization codes and all calls made with that code.

For this reason, all codes should be memorized and kept private. If you post your code near your phone or "lend" your code to another student, be aware that you will still be responsible for calls made with the code.

Unauthorized use of another student's code will constitute loss of your long distance privileges. You will be responsible to pay the accrued charges. You may incur a fine and will be subject to further disciplinary action which could include criminal prosecution.

Students can access carriers of their choice by simply dialing the carrier's 1-800 number to access their services.

Do not dial an access code like 9 or 8 to access the companies below.

  • To access AT&T, dial 1730
  • To access MCI, dial 1731
  • To access Sprint, dial 1732

Long Distance Problems

Problems involving long distance should be addressed as follows:

  1. If you are a subscriber to ECCI, please call 9-1-800-937-3224. (Eastern time)
  2. If you are a subscriber to any other long distance carrier, please obtain a help number from your long distance company.
    If the problem still exists after contacting your personal carrier, please call the Residence Life Office at extension 3780 and report the trouble.

Phone Troubles

Problems involving phone trouble or line trouble should be addressed as follows:

  1. Students must obtain a test phone from the R. A. at the front desk or a working phone and try plugging it into your room jack. If this phone works correctly the problem was most likely in your personal phone, cord or answering device.
  2. If the problem still exists, obtain forms from the forms area of this website or from a R. A. or Residence Life office and deliver to Residence Life personnel.

 SWOSU does not furnish student dormitory phones or line cords.

Prank Calls

Problems involving prank or annoying calls are not only frustrating but also very illegal. Prank callers are not only subject to disciplinary action set forth by SWOSU but may also be subject to FCC prosecution. These calls should be addressed as follows:

  • Log any prank or abusive calls for date and time of incident. Report the situation to Campus Security at extension 3111.
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