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Oklahoma Research Day 2009

Fifty-two students and twenty faculty from Southwestern Oklahoma State University (SWOSU) participated in the recent 11th annual Oklahoma Research Day 2009 held on Northeastern State University’s (NSU) Broken Arrow campus. This year’s event received the largest registration during the eleven-year period and received the largest number of research abstracts ever submitted for an Oklahoma Research Day event.

Dr. Tom Jackson, NSU’s Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, commented that “Clearly, research is being widely encouraged, supported and carried out in Oklahoma to an ever growing extent. This exciting trend would not be possible without the consortium of Oklahoma Regional Universities as well as all institutions of higher education in the State of Oklahoma. The quest for new information, processes and knowledge is, for most of us, the most honorable of all pursuits.”

Oklahoma Research Day provides an opportunity for Oklahoma regional university students and faculty from all disciplines to showcase their research activities. SWOSU students and faculty submitted thirty-nine abstracts.

The day was organized by The Council on Research for Regional Universities (CRRU) in cooperation with the Graduate College and Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at NSU and was sponsored by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education (OSRHE), National Science Foundation (NSF), Oklahoma Experimental Program for Stimulating Competitive Research (EPSCoR), the National Institutes for Health (NIH)-INBRE, the Oklahoma Center for Advancement of Science and Technology (OCAST) and the participating Oklahoma Regional Universities. Dr. Blake Sonobe, SWOSU’s Provost and Senior Vice President, and Ms. Anita Blankenship, Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs at SWOSU, are SWOSU’s representatives on the CRRU.

SWOSU faculty participating were Dr. Lisa Appeddu, Dr. Arden Aspedon, Dr. Dan Brown, Dr. Andrea Holgado, Dr. Philip Holley, Ms. E.K. Jeong, Dr. Jason Johnson, Dr. William Kelly, Dr. Joe London, Dr. Warren Moseley, Dr. Steven O’Neal, Mr. Todd Parker, Dr. Eric Paul, Dr. Anil Pereira, Dr. Tony Stein, Dr. Rahmat Talukder, Dr. Muatasem Ubeidat, Ms. Xiaomiao Wang, Dr. Gary Wolgamott, and Dr. Curt Woolever.

SWOSU students participating were Vicki Abernathy, Reanna Barker, Erica Benda, Mercedez Bernard, Starla D. Bernhardt, Travis J. Bernhardt, Steven Bozell, Desiray Cannon, Tarynn Carder, Scott Carter, James Decker, Huy Do, Robyn R. Dowdy, Ariana Eakle, Jonathan Faulkner, Carissa Fischer, Angela Foust, Courtney Dawn Garcia, Christopher Goree, Melanie Graham, Danielle Gross, Kassandra Guthmueller, Takara Hawkins, Bethany Hess, Andy Hill, Robert Kerbo, Wessley Lamoreaux, Megan Malloy, Crystal Mars, Tammie L. Moss, Melissa Nichols, Parfait Nkonomo, Abigail Ntreh, Christopher Omari, Brandon Q. Phillips, Michael C. Pilkington, Dana Poling, Gwendolyn Ramon, Sulav Regmi, Lakesha Seals, Tyler Shadid, Justin Silkwood, Dan Stefanovic, Monte E. Stone, Sari Tawe, Robyn Taylor, Jonathan Walker, Kayla Wallis, Cara Nicole Walz, William Warren, Rye Wilhite, and Maggie Yoder.

Approximately 10 additional faculty and staff from SWOSU attended the event also.

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research day 2009 research day 2009 research day 2009
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