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Research Day at the Capitol 2020 Nomination Instructions

Step 1: Create an abstract using the format below.

Step 2: Complete the online nomination form where you'll upload the abstract.

Abstract Format

The abstract must be submitted is MS Word format-no exceptions.

Abstract format
Section Details
Research Topic: Include a one- or two-word description of your research here.  
(i.e., fuel cells, limb regeneration, solar power, cancer research, etc.)
Lead Student's Name:
All Other Researchers' Names:
Department Name(s):
University Name(s) & Location(s):
Faculty Advisor:
Faculty Advisor's University/Institution:
Title of Research Poster:
Research Summary:

The body of the abstract goes here. Your information (above) and abstract text should not exceed one page in length. Please limit scientific jargon and utilize layman’s terminology to explain your project. Your audience for the abstract will be legislators and the general public who may or may not have a scientific background. Please include a societal impact statement in your abstract.

Special note: Abstracts will be scored by the judges and will be considered in each student’s overall score. Abstracts should be the work of the student researcher.

If chosen to represent SWOSU, this description will be used by EPSCoR for judging consideration and published in an abstract book containing all participants’ project summaries to be distributed at the State Capitol on Research Day.

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