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Researcher Recognition Reception 2017

The Principal Investigator Recognition Reception was held on Thursday, August 24th 2017, at 6:00 p.m. More than 35 faculty and staff were honored for their work in obtaining external funding to support research and other scholarly activities at SWOSU. Recognition gifts were presented to the honorees by President Randy Beutler, Provost James South, and Dr. Yolanda Carr, Director of Sponsored Programs. The Honorees were Mr. Brian Adler, Vice President for Public Relations and Marketing; Ms. Cindi Albrightson, Engineering Technology; Dr. Lisa Appeddu, Pharmaceutical Sciences; Dr. Carlos Baldo, Business & Computer Science; Dr. Randy Barnett, Psychology; Ms. Madeline Baugher, Business & Computer Science; President Randy Beutler; Mr. Brad Bryant, Engineering Technology; Dr. Brian Campbell, Chemistry & Physics; Dr. Lisa Castle, Biological Sciences; Dr. Rickey Cothran, Biological Sciences; Dr. Trevor Ellis, Chemistry & Physics; Dr. David Esjornson, Chemistry & Physics; Dr. Amanda Evert, Business & Computer Science; Dr. Jeremy Evert, Business & Computer Science; Mr. Brad Fitzgerald, Engineering Technology; Ms. Marci Grant, Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning; Dr. Lori Gwyn, Chemistry & Physics; Dr. Aimee Henderson, College of Pharmacy; Dr. Jon Henrikson, Chemistry & Physics; Dr. Andrea Holgado, Biological Sciences; Dr. Christopher Horton, Biological Sciences; Dr. Tim Hubin, Chemistry & Physics; Mr. Ed Klein, Education; Ms. Karen Klein, Information Technology Services; Dr. Sophia Lee, Music; Dr. Doug Linder, Chemistry & Physics; Dr. Regina McGrane, Biological Sciences; Mr. Doug Misak, Business Enterprise Center; Ms. Jamie Novey, Upward Bound; Dr. Anne Pate, Allied Health; Dr. Eric Paul, Biological Sciences; Dr. Siriporn Peters, Art, Communication & Theatre; Dr. Les Ramos, Pharmaceutical Sciences; Dr. Horrick Sharma, Pharmaceutical Sciences; Dr. Richard Tirk, Music; Dr. Denis Trubitsyn, Biological Sciences; Dr. Muatasem Ubeidat, Biological Sciences; Dr. John Woods, Mathematics; and Dr. Sarah Yount, College of Pharmacy.

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Research Recognition Reception 2017 Research Recognition Reception 2017 Research Recognition Reception 2017
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