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Accident/Serious Injury/Illness

Steps of Action:

  1. Contact SWOSU Campus Police at Ext. #3111 or 580.774.3111 or 911. Stay with the injured/sick person.
  2. SWOSU Campus Police will contact SWOSU Health Services or emergency services if necessary.
  3. If a person trained in first aid is available, use as appropriate.
  4. Visitors: If a visitor is injured, contact SWOSU Campus Police immediately at Ext. #3111 or 580.774.3111 or 911. They will notify the SWOSU Risk Management office after medical attention has been sought for the injury.
  5. Employees: If any injury occurs to SWOSU faculty/staff, notify SWOSU Campus Police, ext. #3111 or 580.774.3111. They will initiate the workers compensation packet then contact the SWOSU Workers Compensation Office.
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The Focus Is You