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Strategic Planning & Resource Council Members

2013 to 2017 Planning & Resource Council

President Randy Beutler Associate Provost Monica Varner
Goal One Co-Chairs:
Jonna Myers & Wendy Yoder
Goal Two Co-Chairs:
Vice President Ruth Boyd & Vicki Hatton
Goal Three Co-Chairs:
Laura Miller & Dennis Widen
Goal Four Co-Chairs:
Amber Sturgeon & Jason Dupree
Goal Five Co-Chairs:
Chris Stufflebean & TBA
Goal Six Co-Chairs:
Marci Grant & Brad Bryant
Vice President Brenda Burgess Vice President James South
Vice President Brian Adler Interim Dean Chad Kinder
Dean David Ralph Dean Sherron Manning
Interim Dean & Chair Joseph Maness David Misak
Doug Misak Lynn Thurman
Todd Thurman Mike Brown, Mayor, City of Weatherford
Tanner Boyd, President, SGA Austin Loomis, Vice-president, SGA
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