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How do I receive a SWOSU course catalog?
The catalog is available through our website; click here to view it.

What should I do to receive a Fall, Spring, or Summer schedule book?
We do not print schedule books for the semester they are available through our website, click here to view it.

How do I receive directions to get to SWOSU?
You may call 580.774.3777 for directions or view the map online.

What do I need to do to enroll at SWOSU?
Submit your completed application for admission along with a one-time $15 application fee, a final high school transcript, ACT scores (freshmen and college transfers with less than 24 hours at a university), and college transcripts (transfer students) to the Registrar's Office in room 108 of the Administration Building. Ask for an advisor assignment, go see your advisor (being sure the advisor signs the enrollment form), and return to the Enrollment Room in the Administration Building (Room 106) with your yellow enrollment form.

What do I need if I've been out of high school for over two years? Do I have to take the ACT?
All you need is a high school transcript or GED equivalent. No, you will only be required to take the CPT exam.

What is the CPT exam?
The Computerized Placement Test is a free exam given at the Assessment Center used for course placement into English, math, and reading.

Is freshman orientation mandatory?
Yes, unless you've been out of high school for 2 years or more.

If I have not graduated from an accredited high school or have not taken the GED, can I be admitted to SWOSU?

If I am a transfer student and I only want to take one class, do I need to get all of my transcripts on file?
No, we can classify you as a "Transfer Credit Only" student, but that must be noted on your application for admission.

What is the difference between the residual and the national ACT?
The residual ACT is given on the campus on which you plan to attend. It is not transferable to any other location. The national ACT is good for any institution you wish to attend.

Can I enroll by phone?

We are unable to process enrollments over the phone because there is no way to verify that the person on the other end of the phone is the actual student making the request. If you are unable to enroll online through Campus Connect and you are a sophomore, a junior, a senior, or a graduate student, here are the ways that the Registrar’s Office will be able to process distance enrollment requests:

  1. You can send a request from a SWOSU Student E-mail Account to enrollment@swosu.edu with your name, ID, semester request, and add/drop request (must have section numbers for add requests).This information can be typed out in the body of the email, so no additional paperwork is required. No signature is required because identity will be authenticated by having the student log-in to their email account.
  2. You can complete the Add-Drop Form and fax it to 580.774.3795 (must be signed by the student; the signature part cannot be typed). Here is a link to the Add-Drop Form: Add-Drop Form/Schedule Change Permit*
  3. If you want to use a non-university email account, you can complete the Add-Drop Form (must be signed by the student; the signature part cannot be typed) and send it as an attachment to enrollment@swosu.edu. Here is a link to the Add-Drop Form: Add-Drop Form/Schedule Change Permit*

To ensure that freshmen receive proper guidance, the university requires that all freshmen students attend a mandatory new student orientation. At the orientation, students will receive important information and enroll in courses.  If a freshman wishes to change their course schedule after the orientation, the university requires that the student meet with their advisor before making any course changes during the add/drop period  (start of enrollment period until the tenth class day of the Fall/Spring Semester and start of enrollment period until the fifth class day of the Summer Semester)*.  freshmen are unable to enroll online and can only make course changes in the Registrar's Office during the add/drop period when he/she has their faculty advisor sign the add/drop form*. 

*If a freshman student wishes to keep the exact same courses and just change the times of the courses, a signature is not required.

How do I get a new advisor if I want to change my major?

  1. Pick up your student folder from your current advisor.
  2. Take your folder to the department dean in which you wish to major. He/she will assign you an advisor within that department.
  3. The next time you enroll, be sure the enrollment officer changes the advisor/major code in the computer for future reference.

How long do I have to add/drop a class? What process do I go through to drop a class?

  1. Students have five days to add a class after the semester begins. You have 10 days to drop a class without being charged tuition for that class. (Students will be charged 100% for classes dropped after the ten-day period.)
  2. Get the add/drop form from the Registrar's Office, fill it out, and return it to room 106 of the Administration Building for processing.
  3. When the no record add/drop period is past (refer to the semester schedule in the front of the enrollment booklet for add/drop dates).

How long does the guaranteed "W" drop period last each semester?
The policy has changed as of the Fall 2000 semester. The "W" drop period now goes thru the first 11 weeks of the spring and fall semesters and thru the first 6 weeks of the summer semester.

What happens if I want to drop a class after the guaranteed "W" drop period?
If the faculty member teaching the course signs the Add-Drop Form/Schedule Change Permit* and checks the WP Box, you can still receive a “W” grade until the Friday before Finals begin.

How do I go about dropping all my classes for the current or upcoming semester(s)?
Please note that the procedure is quite different when you are dropping all your classes. A total withdrawal form (rather than the add/drop form) is used for this purpose. You may obtain the form from the Registrar's office, complete it, and turn it in to room 106 of the Administration Building for processing.

Where do I go to obtain verification for enrollment and insurance purposes?
If the verification is for the current semester, you can log onto your campus connect account & obtain it there. You can also come to Room 106 in the Administration Building or you may call 580.774.3004.

How long does it take to get my transfer work posted to my SWOSU transcript if I am a new student?
Transcript work will be posted within 7-10 business days after you both enroll and the SWOSU Registrar’s Office has received all of your official transcripts.

If I'm not a new student, but I have transfer work, how long does it take to get it put on my SWOSU transcript?
If you've been to SWOSU before and go to another university or college to transfer the work here, it is put on within a few days after we receive it.

What if I am waiting on Financial Aid and need my work put on immediately?
When there are special cases such as this, you need to contact the Financial Aid Office and they will contact Melanie Fast to put your work on early.

What happens to my GPA if I repeat a class?
Students may repeat courses in which the original grade was a "D" or an "F" and have only the second grades count in the retention and graduation grade-point average.

How many classes can I repeat and have forgiven?
The first four courses (18 hour maximum) repeated are the only hours that can be considered under the Repeated Course Policy.

How do I go about applying for graduation?

  1. Fill out an application for graduation in the Registrar's office
  2. Make sure there are no holds on your transcript
  3. If you have financial aid, be sure to do your exit interview

When do I apply for graduation?
You need to apply by the middle of the semester in which you plan on graduating so the diploma will not be late. Complete the Application for Graduation, and return it to the Registrar's Office.

How do I receive my diploma after finishing requirements for graduation?
Summer and Fall graduates may pick up their diplomas after the semester has ended. Diplomas for Spring graduates will be handed out after the graduation ceremony. 

Is there a graduation fee?
No. The graduation fee is now included in the tuition fees.

If I have lost my diploma, how do I order another one?
Send a $25 check or money order to: SWOSU, Attn: Registrar's Office, 100 Campus Dr., Weatherford, OK 73096. Please include the date of graduation, degree received, full name as you want it to appear on your diploma, SS#, and the address where you want it mailed. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

How do I become eligible to play sports if I am a freshman?
By sending an eligibility application, $18 fee, high school transcript, and ACT scores to the NCAA Eligibility Clearing House, Forms Processing, P. O. Box 4043, Iowa City, IA 52243-4043.

Where can I get the eligibility application and other information about NCAA eligibility?
Contact Kelli Litsch at 580.774.3227 or e-mail kelli.litsch@swosu.edu or Joyce Teghtmeyer at 580.774.3029 or e-mail joyce.teghtmeyer@swosu.edu.

How do I go about having an official degree check processed?
Sign up for the degree check online by clicking on the following link:  http://www.swosu.edu/administration/registrar/degree-check.aspx.  The degree check will take approximately 4-6 weeks to process and it will be emailed to both you and your advisor.

When will my CLEP/APP results be posted?
They are posted immediately after you have earned 12 hours of SWOSU credit.

How do I know if a course will transfer to Southwestern?
If the course comes from an Oklahoma college or university, you may check the Oklahoma State Regents Equivalency Chart or call the Registrar's Office to find out if a course will transfer to SWOSU.

What catalog can I follow to finish my degree?
You may follow the catalog program with which you started unless the courses are no longer offered. Students earning a degree in education must follow the most current program requirements due to certification eligibility.

May I use military credit to take care of my wellness course?
No, the hours awarded will be used for free electives towards the 124 hour requirement for graduation.

How long will it take to receive my transcript?
After SWOSU receives your written transcript request with your signature by fax or mail, the transcript will be sent within 24-48 hours.

If I need a copy of my high school transcript/ACT, can I get a copy from my file at SWOSU?
Yes, as long as these documents were provided when you applied for admission to SWOSU.

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