The Focus Is You

Campus Resources

Career Services  580.774.3233 www.swosu.edu/administration/careers/index.aspx
Resume building, mock interviews, on-campus employment, internships, etc.
Counseling Services  580.774.3233 www.swosu.edu/administration/scs/index.aspx
Individual counseling for people with feelings of anxiety, depression, strong anger, abuse, suicidal feelings, grief, eating problems, and sex, drug, or alcohol problems, among others.
Dean of Students 580.774.3767 www.swosu.edu/administration/studentdean/index.aspx
Medical withdrawals, financial aid appeals, Title IX complaints, etc.
Health Services        580.774.3767 www.swosu.edu/administration/shs/index.aspx
General practitioner referrals and testing for TB, STI’s, pregnancy, Strep, etc.
SWOSU Foundation & Alumni 580.774.7055 www.swosu.edu/foundation-alumni/index.aspx
Applications for the Bulldog Angel Fund need-based scholarship
Tutors (by Department) www.swosu.edu/resources/tutor-schedule.pdf
Academic tutoring available by department
Writing Center 580.774.7083 www.swosu.edu/academics/writingcenter/
Assistance with writing assignments, draft revision, online consultations, etc.
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The Focus Is You