The Focus Is You

2010-11 Annual Report

Kim Liebscher L.P.C. is the director of Counseling Services and Tamra Misak joined the staff in September of 2007.  Tamra completed her requirements for L.P.C. in September of 2009.

Counseling Services provides personal, academic and group counseling for students.  Kim is the Employee Assistance Program provider and referral source for the campus.

Counseling Services provides individual counseling to students with concerns about personal issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, grief, homesickness, abuse, eating disorders, anger-management and other similar concerns.

Counseling Services provides group counseling services primarily for self esteem and stress management.  Campus-wide Depression Screening and Eating Disorders Screening are conducted each year in the Memorial Student Center with students from Social Work, Psychology and Business assisting with marketing and promotion of the events.

Counseling Services often provides the missing piece of the puzzle for students who are at high risk for leaving SWOSU.  We support, encourage and try to instill hope in every student that comes into our office.  We work with most students on an individual basis, we conduct a needs assessment and do what is possible to help students accordingly.  Each connection that a student establishes will increase their chances for success.  SWOSU—The Focus is You!

Counseling Services saw a total of 1309 students/staff during 2010/11.  709 received personal counseling, 516 received academic counseling and 59 visits through the EAP.

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The Focus Is You