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Emergency Procedures for the At-Risk Student

  1. If you are concerned about the well being of a student, contact Counseling Services at x3776. Additional contact numbers are listed below. In the event that someone from Counseling Services cannot be reached, use the following procedure. Students who are believed to be suicidal should be taken to the Red Rock Crisis Unit in Clinton or to the Weatherford Regional Hospital Emergency Room. If a student is believed to be dangerous to others, you should contact Public Safety x3785 for immediate assistance. Always error on the safe side. 
  2. Check the birth date of the student. If they are under 18, then you should try to contact the parents, and they can be included in the decision making process. If the student is 18, you can contact their parents only with the student’s permission.
  3. If it is determined to use Red Rock, give them a call at 580.323-6021 to let them know we are sending a SWOSU student. Ask for the Crisis Unit, and the counselor will visit with you about the situation and instruct you as to what to do. 
  4. A student can also be taken to the hospital emergency room, and they can perform the assessment and determine what is best for the student. The student will be charged emergency room fees.
  5. Contact Public Safety for transportation to the hospital or to the crisis unit. They will determine if an ambulance is needed. Do not personally provide transportation for the student.  
  6. The at-risk student cannot be alone, if they want to take some personal belongings to the Crisis Unit, this is allowed, but someone must be with them at all times. Often resident advisors, student employees or a friend can wait with the student until the officer arrives.  
  7. If going to the Crisis Unit, they should take comfortable clothing such as sweats, t-shirts, slippers and toiletries. Belts, shoe strings or draw strings are not allowed in the Crisis Unit. Towels, bedding, soap, and shampoo are provided.
  8. Students who go to the Crisis Unit can expect to be there 5 – 7 days. They are allowed visits and phone calls during appropriate times.
  9. Cindy Dougherty, Dean of Students, should be contacted and will send out an email to the student’s instructors regarding the situation. The status of the absence (excused or unexcused) is at the discretion of the instructor.

Contact Information

Kim Liebscher, Director, Counseling Services – 580.774.3776 or cell 405.556.1070
Laci Strickler, Counselor, Counseling Services – 580.774.3776
Kendra Brown, Director, Public Safety – 580.774.3111 
Cindy Dougherty, Dean of Students – 580.774.3767
Chad Martin, Director, Residence Life – 580.774.3024
Dr. Ruth Boyd, Vice President for Student Affairs – 580.774.7172
Weatherford Police Department – 580.772.7791

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