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Applying for Aid

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Transfer Students

Financial aid does not transfer between schools.

Although you've moved, your aid doesn't. You qualify for aid separately at each school. You must complete your SWOSU financial aid file to allow us to calculate your eligibility for assistance here. OTAG eligible students must also contact the State Regent's Office to let them know you are transferring, so your OTAG award can be sent to the right school.

Notify your former school about your transfer.

If they have scheduled aid for you for future semesters, they may need to cancel any remaining money in order for you to get aid here at SWOSU.

Transfer Scholarships are available.

Students transferring to SWOSU for a fall semester can apply for Transfer Tuition Waiver Scholarships. Complete the application and confirm the Office of Student Financial Services receives all your academic transcripts by the June 15th deadline prior to fall term. No scholarships are currently available for mid-year transfers, but these students can apply for SWOSU Continuing Student Tuition Waivers for the following fall. That application has a due date of May 15th each year for the following fall and spring.

Transfer students are awarded aid at SWOSU after complete academic transcripts are recorded by the Registrar.

Students who are transferring to SWOSU must submit all academic transcripts.  When all transcripts are recorded by the registrar the Office of Student Financial Services will calculate the Satisfactory Academic Progress for the student.  A students eligibility for aid will be determined based on this calculation.  Please refer to the SWOSU Office of Student Financial Services Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

Entrance Interviews

Once awarded aid, if you accept a student loan you must complete an Entrance Interview here at SWOSU even if done before at another school.

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