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Accepting – Declining Aid

You are able to accept or decline any financial aid that is offered on your award letter.

Student Loans

At SWOSU the aid listed will be automatically coded as accepted in our school database, except for student loans. We do not encourage you to take debt, but we also understand that it is necessary sometimes in order to meet all your educational expenses. For that reason, student loans may be offered on your award letter, but are not automatically accepted. To accept them, complete the requested information on your financial aid award letter and return it to the Office of Student Financial Services. You will need to indicate on that form the amount of loan you want to borrow and the lender you wish to borrow from.

Grants & Scholarships

All grants and scholarships will be automatically coded as accepted unless you tell us otherwise. Those funds will be applied to your school account upon arrival. Any credit balance will be applied according to your preference for debit card, ACH or paper check. 

Federal Work Study

In some cases declining Federal Work Study can increase your loan amounts available. If you do not need a job on campus and wish to decline Federal Work Study return the award letter with the 'D' circled on the Work Study line. You can also come speak with our Financial Services Loan Counselor to discuss possible adjustments to your loan eligibility.

I Decline

To decline the loans, simply do not return your award letter to our office. The award will stay dormant on your aid file, available should you need it at a later time. To decline other awards that are on your award letter, return your award letter to us with the 'D' circled beside the awards indicating you wish to decline the offers.

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