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Guaranteed Scholarship Standards Summary

The SWOSU Scholarship Committee has approved these set standards for guaranteed scholarships to be awarded to incoming Oklahoma resident freshmen who are high school graduates and are admitted to SWOSU by the March 1st deadline for priority consideration. Any student who is admitted to SWOSU and meets certain criteria by the deadline of March 1st receives a guaranteed scholarship on a first-come, first-served basis. Additional scholarship awards of varying amounts may be awarded at the Scholarship Committee’s discretion after March 1st provided funds are available. Shown below are the guaranteed minimum scholarships students in these classifications may receive provided funds are available. Tuition Scholarships offered shall be at the tuition rate in effect at the time the student enrolls. All first-time entering students admitted to SWOSU prior to March 1st will automatically be considered for Freshmen Academic Scholarship awards. Additional information regarding Freshmen Scholarships and the application process can be found at:  http://www.swosu.edu/administration/sfs/scholarships/index.aspx

Scholarships are awarded based upon a point total using the following formula:

(High School Cumulative GPA x 100) + (ACT Composite Score x 10) = Point Total

Awards to be distributed are:

Scholarship point award distribution
Point Total Earns Value
680 - up University Scholar Scholarship Up to 16 hours tuition and fees per term
Guaranteed for two semesters *
660 - 679 Distinguished Freshman Scholarship Up to 16 hours tuition per term
Guaranteed for two semesters
625 - 659 Southwestern Scholar Scholarship 12 Hours tuition per term
Guaranteed for two semesters

To qualify for these scholarships:

To be considered for Freshmen Academic Scholarships a student must be admitted to SWOSU as a first-time entering freshman. First consideration will be given to those students who are admitted before the priority scholarship deadline of March 1.  It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that their highest ACT composite and GPA is on file at SWOSU prior to the scholarship deadline. All GPA’s should be reflective of a 4.00 GPA scale (other grading scales must be converted using 4.00 as the maximum GPA possible for calculation). Additional information regarding Freshmen Scholarships and their application process can be found at:  http://www.swosu.edu/administratidon/sfs/scholarships/index.aspx.

Those students who have a 30 composite score or higher on a national ACT should also complete the additional information required for SWOSU’s top scholarship awards (Academic Scholar Nominees and Baccalaureate Scholar Awards). This additional material should be filed with Student Financial Services before the priority deadline of March 1st for full consideration for these awards. The additional material requirements for these top academic scholarships can be found at:  http://www.swosu.edu/administration/sfs/scholarships/academic.aspx

Student Financial Services (SFS) will send a preliminary scholarship guarantee for those who qualify. After notification, a student must accept the award by the date specified to secure the scholarship(s). If a student declines a scholarship she or he should contact SFS. All freshman scholarship recipients must be enrolled full-time (12 or more hours per semester).

All SWOSU faculty and staff are encouraged to share this information with prospective students to help them see the excellent funding opportunities for new freshmen available at SWOSU.

*The University Scholar Scholarship offers renewable criteria for those students who earn a 3.25 retention GPA at SWOSU and who also complete at least 24 credit hours during the fall and spring semesters only.  Renewable awards are for 16 hours of tuition scholarship per semester. No fees are paid on renewed University Scholar awards.

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