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Resident Assistants

Adam Sandler, Hillary Clinton, Wesley Snipes and Katie Couric:  with a blind eye and unknowing mind, it’s hard to imagine that this group has anything in common. Their resumes are filled with inspiringly long lists of accomplishments and successes, but there is one thing that they all have in common. At their individual universities, they served as Resident Advisors. 

Collectively, RAs are a diverse group of students that come together in their buildings to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for their fellow residents. They live and work in their halls, and provide as primary resources on campus. Resident Advisors are the first person that students come to with questions about SWOSU. 

RAs host many events throughout the semester, including the SWOSU Tailgate Challenge and an annual block party. They also attend a variety of sporting events, providing snacks and entertainment for all the SWOSU fanatics. On a smaller scale, each RA hosts a combination of social and educational events to form a community within their respective buildings.

To become an RA, residents must apply online and in person. Applications become available during February each year, with interviews taking place in April. RAs then attend a week-long retreat each August to help develop their skills in communication, and to learn ways to better serve SWOSU students.

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The Focus Is You