The Focus Is You

Student Affairs Mission Statement

We welcome students to the SWOSU community and enable them to flourish.  We strive to enhance the college experience by providing resources to students that keep them safe and healthy, maximize their academic success, and prepare them for their next adventure.

Core Values

  • Safety – We want each student to know the SWOSU campus as a place of safety and to feel safe in all interactions with fellow students and employees.
  • Healthy Environment – We strive to provide an environment that enables students to sustain and strengthen their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
  • Diversity – We believe that our world is a place rich in diversity.  SWOSU exists in the midst of this variety.  We seek to increase awareness and appreciation of diversity and to heighten respect for the value of each human life.
  • Collaboration – We will work together as a team for the benefit of students.
  • Commitment to SWOSU – We believe that SWOSU is a valuable institution of higher education and seek to increase each student’s appreciation of the University.
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The Focus Is You