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Web & Creative Services and Southwestern Oklahoma State University have developed a series of policies and guides to assist developers, content providers, and users a base set of guidelines to ensure the quality of the SWOSU website.

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Purpose of Guidelines

Southwestern Oklahoma State University (SWOSU) recognizes the Internet as a powerful tool for communicating with external audiences as well as for facilitating the exchange of information within the university community. 

All websites and webpages residing on university servers or funded by university budgets must comply with all local, state, and federal laws and with Southwestern Oklahoma State University’s other applicable policies, rules, and regulations. In addition, webpages on the SWOSU website should not contain links to external pages that are in violation to applicable laws or policies. 

The quality of information published by Southwestern Oklahoma State University also plays a vital role in conveying the image and reputation of the university. Therefore, it is important that our webpages provide the best possible representation of Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

The following guidelines are meant to provide all SWOSU’s website audiences with improvements in the accuracy, credibility, appearance, and timeliness of the information presented while protecting the identity and image of the university by providing a set of standards and guidelines for web sites of the university.  

This document outlines relevant information to guide individuals in the creation of SWOSU websites. It should be noted that any organizational units may establish additional policies and guidelines governing content and style of webpages under its jurisdiction.
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