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Professional Webpages

Full-time SWOSU employees are permitted to hold accounts on the SWOSU web in order to maintain professional websites. Web accounts may only be used to store files that are part of a user’s website or that serve as a curriculum supplement for student download. The web server is not to be used for personal media storage or for backing up files. Professional websites may not be used to host or link to webpages that are intended to generate income from personal business. SWOSU is not responsible for creating or maintaining professional webpages, but the university reserves the right to remove any page or link in violation of applicable laws or policies. For assistance in creating a professional website, contact Web & Creative Services.

The following standards pertain to all SWOSU-hosted professional webpages.

  1. All webpages must meet guidelines stated in the Web Style Guide (above)
  2. Professional webpages must not give the impression that they are representing, giving opinions, or otherwise making statements on behalf of the university or any unit of the university unless appropriately authorized (explicitly or implicitly) to do so.
  3. The website owner’s (faculty/staff member) name and e-mail address must be visible on all pages.
  4. Creators of webpages must not make or use illegal copies of copyrighted materials or software, store such copies on university systems, or transmit them over university networks. Copyright law pertains to many types of materials, including cartoons, pictures, graphics, text, song lyrics, and sounds – including most MP3 and other files shared via peer-to-peer procedures. Written permission must be obtained kept on file with the website owner (faculty or staff member) before using copyrighted materials.
  5. The following disclaimer must appear on the initial or homepage on all professional websites:

    “The views and opinions expressed in these webpages are strictly those of [the page author]. The content of these webpages has not been reviewed or approved by Southwestern Oklahoma State University.”
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