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Student Organization Webpages

SWOSU provides an online web application for student organizations to create a homepage. To gain access to the web application, a web representative must be designated by completing a Web Representative Form signed by the organization’s faculty/staff sponsor. Students are allowed to serve as web representatives as long as they are enrolled at SWOSU. A Web Representative Form must be completed and submitted to Web & Creative Services each year. Accounts in the web application will be created by the Web & Creative Services department, and the designated web representative will be responsible for maintaining the content.

Accounts assigned to student organizations are intended for the purpose of publishing information pertaining to the organization. The account should not be used for personal program development, file storage, or other purposes not directly related to the goals of the organization. The organization’s faculty/staff sponsor is responsible for the accuracy of content and assuring the webpages meet SWOSU policies and guidelines and all local, state, and federal laws.

The following standards pertain to all SWOSU-hosted student organization webpages. Failure to meet these standards will result in the removal of inappropriate webpages and possible loss of web application privileges.

  1. All webpages must meet guidelines stated in the Web Style Guide (above).
  2. Creators of webpages must not make or use illegal copies of copyrighted materials or software, store such copies on university systems, or transmit them over university networks. Copyright law pertains to many types of materials, including cartoons, pictures, graphics, text, song lyrics, and sounds – including most MP3 and other files shared via peer-to-peer procedures. Written permission must be obtained before using copyrighted materials and kept on file with the student organization’s faculty/staff sponsor.

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