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Yay! You have chosen to become a SWOSU Bulldawg! The Student Success Center is here to partner with you and SWOSU faculty and staff to make your first year here exceptional. You have many things to learn, lots of fun to begin and scores of friends to make, so let's get started! BTW - we are so glad you are here!

See below to locate the help you may need at SWOSU. 

Where Do I Go When ...

... I need help writing a paper?
Writing Center
Library Basement

... I want to test (CLEP) out of a class?
Assessment Center

... I need to withdraw from a course?
Registrar’s Office

Now, Explain This ...

... I need to find the schedule for finals. Are they posted online?

... If I’m an online student, where can I find help?

... How are math and English course placements determined?
Read our course placement guidelines

Where Do I Go When ...

... I'm feeling ill? 
Student Health Services
Wellness Center

... I'm feeling depressed? 
Student Counseling Services
Wellness Center 162

Where Do I Go When ...

... I want to do an internship? 
Career Services
STF 209

... I need a job? 
Career Services
STF 209

Where Do I Go When ... 

... I need some pre-advising help? 
Academic Coach
Parker 226

... I need help picking a major? 
See an Academic Coach 
Parker 226

... I want to change my major? 
See your advisor
Don’t know who your advisor is? Visit your MySWOSU CampusConnect page or Contact an Academic Coach
Parker 226

Now, Explain This ...

... When should I make an appointment with an Academic Coach?

Students are able to make multiple appointments with an academic coach at any time to get help with a specific course, join a study group or get help in creating a specialized degree plan that allow them to explore their specific interests such as a minor. Call when:

  • You have not yet declared a major
  • You would like to consider a minor or certificate programs
  • You haven’t registered yet for next semester
  • You are late in registering for classes
  • You are having a rough or fabulous semester
  • You need to find out about academic supports or student organizations on campus

... What is the difference between the class schedule, course catalog & degree plan?

  • SWOSU’s online listing of class schedules (Spring and Summer 2019 or Starting Fall 2019) allows you to see when classes are offered this semester, next semester, or in the summer.
  • SWOSU’s course catalog provides a description of topics covered in the course and lets you know if there are any prerequisites to take the course.

A degree plan is a listing of the courses required to obtain a degree in an academic program; the courses are listed in an order that reflects prerequisites. In addition, some courses are only offered in certain semesters or certain years so work with your advisor or check the class schedules to determine when it is offered. Advisors may recommend that athletes modify their degree plan so that time-intensive courses such as labs are not taken during the semester the sport is active.

Where Do I Go When ... 

... I have a question about my loans or scholarship? 
Financial Aid
Stafford 224

... I have a question about billing/payment? 
Administration 1st Floor 

Now, Explain This ...

... My financial aid is supposed to cover my books, how do I deal with that?

Students who have a scholarship that specifically covers books or will exceed charges for the semester OR have financial aid that will exceed charges for the semester should go to the Bursar’s office to request a voucher. For a voucher based on scholarships, the student should go to room 109B to speak with the scholarship coordinator. For a voucher based on financial aid, the student should speak with the Bursar.

  • Book vouchers can be used at: Follett and Ratcliffe’s bookstore

Where Do I Go When ...

... I need to request accommodations for a disability? 
Disability Services

... I need an official transcript?
Registrar's Office
ax requests to: 580.774.3795

... I have a transfer evaluation question? 
Registrar's Office

... How do I get a parking permit?
SWOSU Police 
State and College

... If I need to walk back to my dorm late at night, can I get an escort?
SWOSU Police

... How do I get a new or replacement student ID badge or add money to food account? 
Student Union and Food Services 2nd Floor Memorial Student Center

Now, Explain This ...

... I'd love to join a campus club, how do I get started?
Student Organization Listings
Click Join or Contact link

... I need to rent or buy a textbook, what are my options? 

  • Our official store is the Follett store located at 100 E Davis Ave in Weatherford (in the Bulldog Plaza, connected to Rogers and Jefferson Halls). Sayre students are also served by this store.
  • A commercial store (Ratcliffe’s at the intersection of College Ave and Custer St) is located next to our campus and online retailers Amazon and Clegg are popular options. Why should you use the official Follett store? You are guaranteed to get correct version of book and may times the book is in stock; their pricing is competitive, but not always the lowest.
  • Low-cost purchase options may include renting a hard copy or digital\e-book (subscription period typically 180 days which goes beyond the semester end, so you should have no concerns about selecting this option). Just ask at the store!

... I'd like to play on a sports team, how do I do that?
Intramural sports

  • To sign up for Intramural Sports go to and register
  • College-bound student-athletes preparing to enroll in a Division I or Division II school need to register with the NCAA Eligibility Center to ensure they have met amateurism standards and are academically prepared for college coursework.

Where Do I Go When ...

... I have an "incomplete" grade?
See the professor of that course

... I disagree with a grade I received? 
See the professor of that course

Now, Explain This ...

... My off-campus housing is not suitable, how can I get into a dorm? 
Residence Life

... If I’d like to explore off-campus housing, where do I start?
The Dean of Students allows students to post roommate inquiries, so start there. Online sites will give you a good idea of price ranges and amenities: