Concurrent Admission Requirements

Application Information

Step 1: Complete the Undergraduate Application for Admission

Step 2: Complete and return the Application for Concurrent Enrollment and obtain required signatures.

Send this completed form along with your ACT scores and transcripts to the appropriate campus:
Weatherford Campus: Admissions & Recruitment Office, 100 Campus Dr, Weatherford, OK 73096
Sayre Campus: Registrar, 409 E. Mississippi Ave, Sayre, OK 73662

Step 3: Be sure to provide SWOSU with an Official High School Transcript

Step 4: Be sure to provide SWOSU with ACT or SAT scores and score updates.

Performance Requirements

All concurrent students must obtain a 19 ACT subject score (or SAT equivalent) in English, mathematics, and/or science reasoning to enroll in coursework in the respective subject area. Students must score at least a 19 in reading to enroll in any collegiate course outside the subject of mathematics. (SAT Reading/Writing must be at least 480. SAT Math must be at least 530.)

Your first semester of enrollment can be the summer before your junior year.
(Only high school seniors are eligible for the concurrent tuition waiver.)

Option 1: Minimum of 20 ACT or 1020 SAT
Option 2: 3.0 minimum GPA and class rank in the top 50%

Curricular Requirements 

At minimum, concurrent students shall demonstrate college readiness in a particular subject area to be eligible to enroll in a college level course in the corresponding subject area. A high school student not demonstrating college readiness in science reasoning, mathematics, or English will not be permitted enrollment in the corresponding college subject area. A student who is unable to demonstrate college readiness in reading will not be permitted enrollment in any other collegiate course (outside the subjects of science, mathematics, and English). Concurrent enrollment students are prohibited from enrolling in any form of developmental education is embedded within a credit bearing course. A concurrent student shall demonstrate college readiness by:

  1. Attaining the requisite subject score on an acceptable ACT exam;
  2. Attaining the requisite subject score on an acceptable SAT exam; or
  3. Satisfying an entry level assessment and course placement measure that is in accordance with the institution’s State Regents’ approved assessment plan.

Tuition Waivers for High School Seniors

In March of 2006 the State Regents approved a permanent policy for the tuition scholarship for concurrently enrolled high school seniors. The policy authorizes the waiver for up to six credit hours per semester or summer term. It defines a “high school senior” as a student who has completed their junior year but has not yet graduated. Theoretically, a student could use the wavier for a total of 18 hours of college credit -- 6 in the summer following their junior year, 6 in their senior fall semester, and 6 in their senior spring semester. There are no family income limits or restrictions to qualify for the waiver. The waiver does not cover other mandatory fees (activity fees, facility fees, library fees, technology fees, etc.) or the cost of books.

Course Placement

Concurrent students must obtain a 19 ACT subject score in English, mathematics, and/or science reasoning to enroll in coursework in the respective subject area. Students must score at least a 19 in reading to enroll in any other collegiate course outside the subjects of English, mathematics, and science.

Course Load

Concurrently enrolled students are limited in the number of college credit hours they are allowed to enroll in per semester. A high school student may enroll in a combined number of high school and college courses per semester not to exceed 19 semester credit hours. For the purposes of calculating course load, one-half high school unit shall be equivalent to three semester credit hours of college work. Non-academic high school units are excluded from the workload calculation. Concurrent students may enroll in a maximum of 9 semester hours during any summer term.

Each semester’s maximum course load can be determined according to the following formula.

? Number of high school credit courses this semester
x  3 (multiply by three) 19
= Total high school course load (subtract from 19 hours) -   ?
Maximum College Semester Hours Allowed =


You are enrolled in 5 high school classes for the semester. 5 x 3 = 15; 19 - 15 = 4
Your maximum college course load is 4 semester hours.

"Continuing" Concurrent Students

High school students concurrently enrolled in college courses may continue concurrent enrollment in subsequent semesters if they achieve a college cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above on a 4.0 scale.

If you are currently enrolled as a concurrent student at SWOSU and wish to continue your concurrent enrollment for the next semester you must submit a new Application for Concurrent Enrollment. It is necessary to verify your new high school semester schedule and receive permission from parents/guardians for you to enroll. You should also submit a new transcript and update ACT/SAT tests scores. You are not required to submit a new Application for Admission.

"Summer" Enrollment

If you are applying for an initial enrollment in a summer term you are required to submit the documents listed below. The Application for Concurrent Enrollment is required, with the exception of the high school schedule.

All concurrent questions should be directed to the
Weatherford Campus: Admissions & Recruitment Office; 580.774.3782
Sayre Campus: Registrar's Office; 580.28.5533

Important Dates
  • MAR
  • 2019

SWIM (Southwestern Interscholastic Meet)