SWOSU Student Policies

Add/Drop Dates

Students have seven days to add a class after the semester begins. You have ten days to drop a class without being charged tuition for that class. Students will be charged 100% for classes dropped after the ten-day period.

August 26, 2015 Last day to add classes
September 2, 2015 Last day to drop a class or totally withdraw for a refund
November 4, 2015 Last day to drop with a guaranteed “W” and last day to add Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) courses
December 7, 2015 Last day to drop with a WP/WF (withdraw passing/withdraw failing)

Withdrawing from Classes

Information about withdrawing from classes is located at http://www.swosu.edu/administration/registrar/faqs.aspx.

Final Exam Policy

Final Exam information is located at http://www.swosu.edu/resources/schedules.aspx.

Academic Probation/Suspension Policies

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Academic Probation/Suspension information is located at http://www.swosu.edu/resources/policies/dept/registrar/acad-probation.aspx.

Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Policy (SAP)

Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress information is located at http://www.swosu.edu/administration/sfs/sap-policy.aspx.

Repeating Courses

Information about Repeating Courses is located at http://www.swosu.edu/resources/policies/dept/registrar/repeated-course.aspx.

Holds/Course Pre-Requisites

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Enrollment Holds
- If you have an enrollment hold, visit the Dean of Students, Library, Student Counseling Services (academic probation), and Bursar (business). These offices can clear your hold so you can enroll for the next semester classes.

Pre-Requisites – are requirements that must be fulfilled before enrolling in a course.

Alcohol/Illegal Narcotics

The consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages or illegal narcotics in any form on the campus, in the university housing, or at any affair on the campus sponsored by or for a student organization is forbidden.

Tobacco Free logo

Tobacco Free Campus

SWOSU’s campuses in Weatherford and Sayre are now tobacco-free campuses. Read more about the policy at Tobacco Free Campus Policy.

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