PLC Students Visit Washington, D.C.

Class II of SWOSU's President's Leadership Conference visited Washington, D.C. from May 24-28. The students were the second class to participate in the annual trip to our nation's capital. The class enjoyed tours of the Capitol, White House, National Archives, Smithsonian Museums, Ford's Theatre and a dinner cruise on the Potomac.

Washington DC
SWOSU students attending were (front row, left to right) Courtney Garcia, Kaisa Fischer, Randy Beutler, Joice Jose, Pam Hough, Courtney McElroy, (2nd row, left to right) Tyler Deckard, Evan Brooks, Jordan Pettitt, Neal Kennedy, (3rd row, left to right): Lindsey Liebscher, Sarah Yates, Haley Wilson & Madison Cabaniss.