PLC Students Meet With Boone Pickens

PLC Students with Boone Pickens
Five members of the PLC had a rare opportunity to have a private meeting with Boone Pickens on December 2nd.  Evan Brooks of Elk City, Neal Kennedy of Calumet, Lindsey Liebscher of Hydro, Justin Simpson of Antlers and Keenan Haught of Elk City were attending the Oklahoma Wind Energy Conference at the Cox Center in Oklahoma City.  Pickens was the keynote speaker at the conference which brought together a wide range of people to discuss the future growth of wind energy in Oklahoma.  The students, Pres. John Hays and PLC Advisor Randy Beutler met with Mr. Pickens shortly before his address to the 1100 plus conference attendees.  Boone Pickens explained to the students that it was their generation that would feel the effects of the energy decisions that we make today.  The students told him that they had signed the Pickens pledge and as a group had endorsed the Plan.  State Supreme Court Justice Stephen Taylor, who was accompanying Mr. Pickens, also spoke to the students and told them that they needed to always remember the date that they met Boone Pickens and also his initiative for energy independence.