Tour Guides

Alfa Abame

Name – Alfa Abame
Hometown – Stillwater, OK
Major – Biology/Pre-Med
Classification – Junior
"Something About Me" – I can speak fluently in Amharic and I aspire to positively impact the world.
Favorite Thing About SWOSU – The small classes sizes and the many opportunities to get involved in the community.
Favorite Spot on Campus - The Bulldawg Beanery.
Random Facts About Me – I was born in Ethiopia and I immigrated to the United States when I was 5 years old. I also dislike the word moist. 

Tanner Boyd

Name – Tanner Boyd
Hometown – Weatherford, OK
Major – History
Classification – Junior
"Something About Me" – I’m a legacy in the Admissions and Recruitment office.
Favorite Thing About SWOSU – I love the small class sizes and all the professors being open to just talk outside the classroom.
Favorite Spot on Campus – My favorite spot has to be the Bulldog Beanery; coffee is always a college kid’s best friend.
Random Fact About Me – I have a cat named after the wife of the 32nd President of the United States. Also, Thunder Up!

Alex Ehrhart

Name - Alex Ehrhart
Hometown - Norman, OK
Major - Pharmacy
Classification - Senior 
“Something About Me - I married my high school sweetheart summer of 2015. We have been dating since our freshman year of high school! 
Favorite Thing About SWOSU - I love all the people at SWOSU! It can be hard leaving your hometown, but everyone here is so friendly that SWOSU has become a home away from home. 
Favorite Spot on Campus - The Beanery! It has an awesome atmosphere and a cozy fireplace in the winter.
Random Facts About Me - I am slightly obsessed with giraffes and my favorite class is pathophysiology. 

Natalie Haworth

Name – Natalie Haworth
Hometown – Weatherford, OK
Major – Health Sciences – Pre- Dental Hygiene
Minor – Spanish
Classification - Junior
“Something About Me” – I am SWOSU Cheerleader! Go Dawgs!
Favorite Thing About SWOSU – There really is family atmosphere among the students, faculty, and staff here at SWOSU.
Favorite Spot on Campus – The Admissions and Recruitment office, of course! Only the best people work there! 
Random Facts About Me – I’m the sassiest tour guide in the office. 

Seth Odam

Name - Seth Odam
Hometown - Tuttle, OK
Major - Health Science
Minor - Sports Psychology
Classification - Junior
“Something About Me” – I'm a sports junkie. #ThunderUp
Favorite Thing About SWOSU – The abundance of friendly people at SWOSU!
Favorite Spot on Campus – The wellness center. Ball is life.
Random Facts About Me - I can solve a Rubik's cube in under a minute!

Conner Patton

Name – Conner Patton
Hometown – Tecumseh, OK
Major - Pharmacy
Classification - Junior
“Something About Me” – I will watch just about anything Netflix has to offer if it means I don’t have to study.
Favorite Thing About SWOSU – I love how easy it is to get involved on campus through different organizations. SWOSU has so much to offer each of its students who are willing to work to achieve their goals
Favorite Spot on Campus – My favorite spot on campus is definitely the Admissions Office. My coworkers definitely feel like an extension of my family, and I enjoy getting to spend time with them, even when I’m off the clock J.
Random Facts About Me – I have a twin sister named Caylie who also attends SWOSU. I love to be active whether it is skiing, snowboarding, scuba diving, hiking, etc. I was once chased by a grizzly bear on a fishing trip to Alaska.

Mason Pitts

Name - Mason Pitts
Hometown - Ripley,OK
Major - Pre-Pharmacy
Classification - Freshman
“Something About Me” – I grew up on a farm, where I raised a variety of poultry and Dorset sheep. In high school, I played basketball and softball, cheered, was on the yearbook staff, gave prepared public speeches, showed livestock, and was President of the Ripley FFA Chapter.
Favorite Thing About SWOSU – I love the sense of community, small town feel, and how easily friendships are made here at SWOSU.
Favorite Spot on Campus – My favorite spot on campus is the Wellness Center, because it is a great place to meet new friends.
Random Facts About Me - I am an avid Netflix watcher, my favorite colors are turquoise and pink, I have owned: two camels, peacocks, an armadillo, opossums, llamas, and even nursed a fawn back to health.  

Marshall Wallace

Name - Marshall Wallace
Hometown - Piedmont, OK
Major - Health Sciences
Classification - Freshman
“Something About Me” – I am a dog lover, sports enthusiast, and an avid thrift-shopper!
Favorite Thing About SWOSU – My favorite thing about SWOSU is the genuineness of the people and community feel it has. The staff is very helpful and desires for each student to succeed!
Favorite Spot on Campus – My favorite spot on Campus is the Wellness Center. I enjoy working out, playing pick up basketball, and getting to know new people!
Random Facts About Me - I am a big bow tie advocate. I have an older sister and a younger brother. The only other country I have ever been to is Nicaragua! 

Important Dates
  • MAR
  • 2019

SWIM (Southwestern Interscholastic Meet)