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Official SWOSU Colors

Primary Colors

Type SWOSU Color Library
Color is an important part of the SWOSU brand. The colors on the right are the official primary colors of the SWOSU academic and spirit logos.

circle of bulldog blue

circle of bulldog gray

circle of bulldog light gray

Bulldog Blue

Bulldog Gray

Light Gray


Pantone 534

Pantone Cool Gray 8

Pantone Cool Gray 7


C 95%

C 23%

C 20%

M 74%

M 16%

M 14%

Y 7%

Y 13%

Y 12%

K 44%

K 46%

K 40%


R 27

R 136

R 151

G 54

G 139

G 153

B 93

B 141

B 155

Web Safe




Support Colors

Type SWOSU Color Library
In addition to the SWOSU primary colors, the SWOSU support colors serve a more utility purpose to accent our brand. University logos may be used in all Black or all White when full color opportunities are not present. All White logo usage must be done on darker backgrounds and require approval to ensure proper application. The SWOSU Spirit logos are never to be reversed or inverted.

circle of bulldog black

circle of bulldog black

circle of bulldog sky blue



Sky Blue*


Pantone Process Black

Pantone 306


C 0%

C 0%

C 75%

M 0%

M 0%

M 0%

Y 0%

Y 0%

Y 5%

K 100%

K 0%

K 0%


R 0

R 225

R 0

G 0

G 225

G 181

B 0

B 225

B 226

Web Safe




* Sky Blue (Pantone 306) has been adopted to accent athletic uniforms, lettering and numbering. It is a restricted use color and is to be used minimally. This color is never to be used on the University logos. Any use of this color must be approved by the Office of Public Relations and Marketing.

Pantone® is a registered trademark of Pantone, Inc.

For more information on logos, trademarks, usage and licensing with Southwestern Oklahoma State University, please contact the Office of Public Relations and Marketing or SWOSU Graphic Design.

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