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WalkingWorks Program Fall 2017

Program Dates: September 11th – October 10th

Join SWOSU administration, faculty and staff across campus in the DAWG Trottin’ WalkingWorks campaign this Fall.

Step 1: Select your Team

WalkingWorks is open to all SWOSU administration, faculty, staff and their family members. Teams are made up of 1-10 participants.

Step 2: Select a Team Leader and a Name

Once you have your team, select a team name and a team leader. Team leaders will be responsible for registering their team by sending the team name in an e-mail to sara.roberts@swosu.edu.

This year, the WalkWorks program will offer three tiers of activities for users to compete. Select the tier that best describes the goals of individuals in your group during the eight-week competition. Teams will only be competing against those within their tier group


Average Steps Per Day


  1. Slightly Active

0 – 8,000

Walking, jogging, etc.

2. Dawg Trottin’ – Moderately Active

8,000 – 12,000

Moderate Activities: walking, hiking, yoga, etc.

3. Dawg Dashin’ – Highly Active


High Intensity Activities: running, bicycling, rowing, swimming

Step 3: Sign up on WalkingWorks.com

Your team name will be added to the WalkingWorks site so participants can sign up. Each individual will need to register his or her self. For return users use your same log-in information. For new and return users go to edit profile:

  • Sign up as a team member
  • Plan is Oklahoma, Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Group is SWOSU
  • Program is whichever tier your team has chosen
  • Team name (your team name should be listed)

Step 4: Start Tracking!

Participants are free to walk, run, bike, row, dance and more! Each activity will be converted into steps. Check out the WalkingWorks site to see what activities are available. Activities can either be synced from your phone or manually added at the end of each day. Simply login to the site, select your activity, and indicate how long or far you went.

Step 5: Win prizes!

The total number of steps will be divided by the number of participants on the team. At the end of the program, the teams with the highest scores within each tier will receive a prize! 

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