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Facility Rates

Public/Non-SWOSU Events

For assistance with room reservation requests for public/non-SWOSU events, please contact Misty Zink at 580.774.3037 or misty.zink@swosu.edu.

Athletics (Facility Rates)

Todd Thurman, Director of Athletics
Athletic Administration Rm 102 
Phone: 580.774.3701

Website: swosuathletics.com

Business Enterprise Center (Facility Rates)

Doug Misak, Director of Business Enterprise Center
Business Enterprise Center Rm 101-A
Phone: 580.774.3750

Website: www.swosu.edu/confcenter

Fine Arts Center (Facility Rates)

Bryce Wood, Manager of the Fine Arts Center
Fine Arts Center Rm 03
Phone: 580.774.3705

Website: www.swosu.edu/finearts

Memorial Student Center (Facility Rates)

Duncan Taylor, Director
 Memorial Student Center Rm 220
Phone: 580.774.3783

Website: www.swosu.edu/auxservices/banquets-catering/index.aspx

Wellness Center (Facility Rates)

Scott Miller, Director
Wellness Center 105
Phone: 580.774.3187

Website: www.swosu.edu/wellness

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