Faculty & Staff

The Department of Mathematics is comprised of a group of individuals who are excellent teachers. We take a personal interest in our students and will do everything in our power to see that each student achieves the most from his or her math class. Some of the faculty are actively engaged in research and some members make presentations at regional and national mathematics meetings. We are very proud of the reputation of the Math Department at SWOSU.

math faculty

Akers, Warren, Assistant Professor
CAM 324-F | 580.774.7147

Anderson, Gerald , Adjunct
CAM 324-G | 580.774.3038

Chang, Hung-Chieh , Associate Professor
CAM 309-G | 580.774.3055

DeVaughan, Catherine , Instructor
CAM 309-C | 580.774.3056

Dougherty, Michael, Associate Professor
CAM 324-B | 580.774.3057

Ghosh, Swarup, Associate Professor
CAM 324-C | 580.774.3059

Jahanbakht, Nafiseh, Instructor
CAM 309-F | 580.774.3053

Koehn, Ron, Assistant Professor
CAM 309-B | 580.774.7119

McNamara, Thomas , Chair; Associate Professor
CAM 302 | 580.774.3058

Miller, Regina, Adjunct
CAM 324-G | 580.774.3038

O'Neal, Kathleen , Instructor
CAM 324-E | 580.774.3210

Ritter, Teresa, Administrative Assistant
CAM 302 | 580.774.3748

Rivera, Roberto, Assistant Professor
CAM 309-A | 580.774.3759

Sanders, Deborah, Adjunct

Soliz, Jacy, Instructor
CAM 309-E | 580.774.3752

Coker, Dayna, Adjunct
580.928.5533 x2141

Sayre Faculty & Staff

Swartwood, Bill, Instructor
580.928.5533 x2154