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Dr. Charles Brown

Tulsa Professor to Talk on Social Behavior and Cliff Swallows at SWOSU

Dr. Charles Brown, professor of biological sciences at the University of Tulsa, will be the guest speaker at the Southwestern Oklahoma State University Department of Biological Sciences J.D. Maness Seminar Series on Wednesday, January 24, on the Weatherford campus.

Dr. Brown will present “Costs and benefits of coloniality in cliff swallows: insights from 35 years of research” in a presentation open to the public at 4 p.m. in Room 212 of the Old Science Building.

Group living is observed in a variety of organisms and has been shown to impact access to food, defense against predators, and reproductive success; however, the causes of group living and colony size variation are poorly understood. Brown uses the behavior of cliff swallows, which live in colonies ranging from 2-6,000 nests, to study the evolution of social behavior.

Since 1982, Brown has worked on one of the longest running and most extensive field studies evaluating social behavior in North American birds. Through observation, large-scale mark-recapture projects, and genetic analysis, Brown had been able to address fundamental problems in animal behavior and evolutionary ecology. Information related to his work is available at

For more information about the January 24 program, contact SWOSU Assistant Professor Dr. Regina McGrane at 580-774-3046.