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Holi Festival

Holi Festival of Colours Planned Friday at SWOSU

The SWOSU International Student Association (SISA) will host a Holi Festival this Friday, March 9, at 3 p.m. on the Weatherford campus.

Holi, also known as “festival of colours,” is a celebration in the Hindu culture that is traditionally celebrated in India.

The festival at SWOSU will be held on the Memorial Student Center lawn, near the Clock Tower area. It is free and open to the public.

Holi is celebrated by people throwing dry colored powder in a crowd of people and smearing it on each other’s faces. People take great joy in getting colored in the different colors and seeing the crowd becoming more colorful as the festival goes on. SISA will provide the colors to throw. They also advise wearing appropriate clothes that can get dirty.

The festival celebrates the triumph of good versus evil, the return of spring and the completion of winter.  It is also a celebration of giving thanks, good harvest, and a time for people to gather, mend relationships and have a great time with others.

In recent years, the festival has expanded into many other countries like Europe and the United States for a spring celebration of love, color and fun.

For more information, contact Randy Beckloff in the SWOSU International Student Office at or 580.774.6172.