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SWOSU Students Present Posters at Microbe 2019

SWOSU Students Present Posters at Microbe 2019(Photo 1) SWOSU biology student Kade Ezell of Yukon (Southwest Covenant) recently presented his poster at Microbe 2019, a gathering of over 10,000 microbiologists. (Photo 2) SWOSU biology student Jennifer Abshire also presented her poster at the meeting held in San Francisco.

Southwestern Oklahoma State University biology students Jennifer Abshire of McLoud and Kade Ezell of Yukon (Southwest Covenant) and their research mentor, Dr. Regina McGrane, recently attended Microbe 2019 in San Francisco.

Microbe is a scientific meeting organized by the American Society of Microbiology (ASM) which brings over 10,000 microbiologists together to present their research findings.

Abshire presented her work:  “Investigating the Mechanisms and Impacts of Pseudomonas syringaePili- and Flagella-Independent Motility” in the Molecular Biology and Physiology poster session focused on motility. Ezell presented his work “Investigating the Role of Pseudomonas syringae Biosurfactants in Microbial Antagonism” in the Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity poster session focused on plant, soil and subsurface microbiology.

As an ASM Undergraduate Research Fellow, Abshire participated in the Microbe Academy for Professional Development. Abshire also participated in ASM Young Ambassadors of Science Retreat as the ASM Ambassador for Oklahoma.

Both students attended symposia showcasing innovative research on bacterial sepsis, antimicrobial resistance, the human microbiome and host-microbe interactions. During the opening session, they had the pleasure of hearing Frances Arnold, the 2018 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, speak about her work harnessing enzyme evolution.

Funding for the students’ travel was provided by the ASM Undergraduate Research Fellowship, ASM Peggy Cotter Early Career Travel Award for Early Career Branch Members, SWOSU Office of Sponsored Programs, and SWOSU Department of Biological Sciences.