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SWOSU Physics Club Participates in Kansas Rocketry Event

Physics Club Members of the SWOSU Physics Club recently participated in a group high-power rocketry event held in Argonia (KS). Attending were (from left) Tayler Valdez, Adams; Daniel Gassen, El Reno; Cameron Cinnamon, Garber; Brock Mason, Tuttle; and faculty sponsor Wayne Trail. 

The Southwestern Oklahoma State University Physics Club in Weatherford recently participated in a group high-power rocketry event held in Argonia (KS) where members launched several rockets.

Wayne Trail, sponsor of the SWOSU Physics Club, said their work is the beginning of an effort to compete in the Argonia Cup, which will take place in March 2020 involving about 20 university teams building rockets that must fly to at least 8,000 feet and return their payload (a golf ball) to a specified location on the ground.

At the event in Kansas, the SWOSU club launched several rockets including its three pound, 45 inch “Pit BullDawg 1” that reached a top speed of about 370 mph and a height of nearly 2,000 feet.  The winner of the competition is the team that reaches at least 8,000 feet and delivers their payload the closest to the specified location.

One requirement of the competition is that competitors reach at least a level two license with one of the two national high-power rocketry organizations prior to the competition.  The licenses require student to successfully build and launch high altitude rockets of various (increasing) levels of thrust and successfully return the rocket to the ground, still in working order.  They must also pass an exam over the Federal Aviation Administration’s rules on the regulations for high-powered rocketry. 

SWOSU student Brock Mason of Tuttle passed his level 1 flight test.

Trail said the work is carried out through the support of Madeline Baugher and the NASA Oklahoma Space Grant Consortium.