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SWOSU School of Business & Technology 8-Week Courses Begin March 8

Southwestern Oklahoma State University’s Everett Dobson School of Business and Technology offers short-term courses that begin March 8 and end April 30 in Weatherford.  The last day to enroll in the courses is March 8. 

“These courses are a good option for students who need a class to maintain full-time enrollment,” said Dr. Patsy Parker, professor and associate dean of the Everett Dobson School of Business and Technology.

The courses are:  

COMSC-1023 Computers & Information Access (Section 1442)

Introduction to computers, computer software and the use of computers to access information for general education students. Includes an introduction to computer concepts and security, operating systems, and computer applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access. NOTE: The course curriculum is based on the Windows operating system. Students who do not have access to a Windows computer should plan to use computers in the SWOSU computer labs whether taking this course online or face-to-face.

ORGL-4113 Ethics and Organizations (Section 5583)

This course is designed to examine the dynamics of workplace and personal ethics through the study of basic philosophical theories. Essential components and course content will include: leadership in the context of self-governance, responsibility, adherence to principles, integrity and constancy of purpose. Current case studies will be used to apply ethical theories. Prerequisite: Junior standing.

 ORGL-4333 Leading and Managing (Section 5584)

A study of theories that influence leadership with application to a variety of work situations. Essential components and course content will include: basic leadership and behavior styles, negotiation, critical thinking, change, conflict resolution, ethics and social responsibility, and diversity in the workplace. Assessment of personal leadership abilities and personality traits will be included. Prerequisites: ENGL-1113 & ENGL-1213 & Junior standing.

FINAN-2113 Personal Financial Planning (Sections 5401 and 5412)

An introductory course exploring personal financial management. Course topics may include personal budgeting, consumer loans, credit card usage, insurance, savings accounts, investments, social security, home ownership, financial institution services, personal taxes, wills, estate planning, retirement planning, career planning, financial planning, and leasing arrangements.

SWOSU also offers several 1-hour, online classes that provide training for Microsoft and Adobe products.  The last day to enroll in the 1-hour courses is March 19. If more information is needed, please email .