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Now is Your Chance to Step Up and Combat Covid!

Now is your chance to step up and combat COVID! The Oklahoma Department of Health has announced that Phase 3 of the state vaccination plan is now being implemented.  Those eligible within this group are university students, faculty and staff.  Now is your opportunity (if you have not qualified before) to get the COVID vaccine.

In order to make an appointment, please visit:

I would encourage each and every one of you to do your part in battling this dreadful disease and get the vaccine if you are medically able.  We plan for normal operations in the fall, and getting vaccinated is a step everyone can take to help make that possible.

Finally, with infection rates appearing to decrease, now is not the time to slacken or let down our guard in this pandemic.  Please continue to practice your full safety precautions and wear a mask whenever you are in public.  SWOSU mask and distancing policies will remain in effect on campus through the spring semester.

Together we will overcome this situation and be able to enjoy a full and regular fall semester.

Randy Beutler