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Southmoore, Bridge Creek and Drummond Take Top Honors at SWOSU Interscholastic Meet

Southmoore, Bridge Creek and Drummond high schools won sweepstakes titles at the Southwestern Oklahoma State University Interscholastic Meet (SWIM) held March 24 on the Weatherford campus.

Southmoore won the Class I title, Bridge Creek took top honors in Class II and Drummond won Class III.

SWIM Director Taler Alexander said 47 schools from around Oklahoma competed in the academic contest, which has been a traditional event on the SWOSU campus since 1913.

 The number of students enrolled in grades nine through 12 determines school class. Schools with 600 or more students are in Class I, 151 to 599 in Class II, and 150 and less in Class III.

School and individual winners were also announced in the nine different categories of competition, which were: fine arts, biological sciences, business, computer science, language and literature, mathematics, physical sciences, social sciences and technology.

School Winners are:

            Fine Arts—Class I-Putnam City; Class II- Chisholm; and Class III-Binger-Oney.         

            Biological Sciences—Class I-Southmoore; Class II-Bridge Creek; and Class III-Thomas-Fay-Custer.            

            Business—Class I-Putnam City; Class II-Kingfisher; and Class III-Drummond.  

            Computer Science—Class I-Putnam City; Class II-Bridge Creek; and Class III-Drummond.

            Language and Literature—Class I-(tie) Lawton and Southmoore; Class II-Dickson and Class III-Corn Bible Academy.

            Mathematics—Class I-Southmoore; Class II-Weatherford; and Class III-Arapaho-Butler.

            Physical Sciences—Class I-Southmoore; Class II-(tie) Weatherford and Merritt; and Class III-Arapaho-Butler.

            Social Sciences—Class I-Lawton; Class II-(tie) Apache and Frederick; and Class III-Corn Bible Academy. 

            Technology—Class I-Putnam City; Class II-Dickson; and Class III-Drummond.

Individual results for the different tests can be found at this link: